Cafe del Mar

    Cafe del Mar – the best Clubs in Ibiza

    Café del Mar opened its doors in 1980 in its first summer of music, fun and sunsets.
    In later years Café del Mar has been accompanied by other sunset bars, lounges and restaurants; Mambo, Savannah, Kanya and Mint to name a few. However, the bar that still remains a reference today when mentioning the promenade overlooking the sunset on Ibiza (sunset strip) is the unique and inimitable Café del Mar. Built in 1980 from the design of the renowned Catalan architect Lluís Géell, the bar took the form of a barcocon its sails covering the area of tables and seats.

    The idea is simple. You sit on the shore of the bay of Caló des Moro in San Antonio to admire the spectacular sunsets with ambient music and eclectic background thanks to the bar DJ. Café del Mar is today so famous all over the world for its excellent chill-out albums
    that have been on sale annually since 1994, paving the way in that genre from the first time they came to light. The bar also attracts some special guest DJs (Solomun, Sven Vath, and more) in summer who come to play for the audience.

    After more than three decades, the bar continues to attract a large amount of public and remains one of the must visit places of the tourist Ibiza. The simplicity of the place and the pleasure that gives you the perfect combination of scenery, wonderful weather and chill-out music turn every sunset into something special. There have been many imitators, but only one true Café del Mar …

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