DESTINO – the best Clubs in Ibiza

    It is the most innovative piece in the gear of the Pacha group. Opened in 2013, Destino is an impressive complex, situated high on the cliffs of Cap Martinet on the beach of Talamanca, with breathtaking views of the city of Ibiza and even of Formentera.

    But Destino is not just a hotel. From time to time it is used as a stage for grandiose outdoor parties that normally start at 5 pm and last until 12 at night. If you are lucky enough to be on the island when one of these events is held, do not ever miss it. In addition, Destino has its own ‘TOX’ disco, hidden in the basement of the building, and where some of the outdoor parties follow their rhythm after 12 or where other promoters organize independent parties. And sometime again rumors are heard about parties ‘afterhours’ outside the usual.

    Destino – Where is it

    Destino – Other Infos


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